The "RESTORE MY CONSTITUTION" project aims to heighten awareness and promote the fundamental principles found in our Constitution, which have been lost over time.


My name is Josh Dzurko and I graduated from Saint Ignatius High School in 2013 and am currently attending John Carroll University. The more I study about America, its Founding Fathers, and our two bedrock documents – the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence – it is evident the meaning and its principles are being methodically forgotten. I wanted to do my part to help increase the awareness of our Constitution. I could find no better way to constantly remind us and others about this marvelous document than to proudly wear a patriotic wristband with our mission printed in yellow gold..."RESTORE MY CONSTITUTION."

Why did I choose "Restore My Constitution" instead of "Restore Our Constitution" or "Restore The Constitution"? The word "My" is possessive and shows my personal responsibility and engagement to the preservation of the "operating manual for America." Every American has a personal, individual responsibility to do his or her part to preserve the Constitution of the United States.